Student Academic Support (SAS) for Overseas Postgraduate Students

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To promote effective and efficient academic work in terms of learning and educational support, the Graduate school, HR Department & Overseas education college have initiated Student academic support for overseas postgraduate students.

Roles & Responsibilities

ü Student academic support can help you navigate your major requirements for a smooth path toward graduation.

ü Bring your ideas to life with professional print and fabrication services on campus!

ü The student academic support aims to help you excel in preparing your thesis proposal and the skills necessary to become a well-rounded, independent learner.

ü Provide academic support for academic writing.

ü Student academic support will meet students regularly, connecting them with their academic department, identifying difficulties, and ensuring constant support.

Qualifications to apply for Student academic support help

ü Target students for 2023: Postgraduate students of Jiangsu University registered in the year 2018, 2019 & 2020

ü All the coursework must be completed.

ü Currently residing in China


Application Documents


Submit following materials to 213A , International education affairs office , Graduate school before April 122023

ü Application form for Student Academic support help

ü Copy of your transcript( Print from one-stop service center )

ü Attach supporting documents of academic honors & awards.


Evaluation Arrangement:


After your application information is approved, International education affairs will assign a Student academic support team member and notify you by email about the contact details .Note: Please make sure your email address is correct and check your email regularly in order not to miss the relevant notice.

Graduate SchoolHuman resources department, Overseas education college - April 42023

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