Recruitment of Student Academic Support (SAS) for Overseas Postgraduate Students

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Respected Post-doctorate research assistants, to promote effective and efficient academic work in terms of learning and educational support, the Graduate school & Overseas education college is announcing the recruitment of Student academic support for overseas postgraduate students.

Candidate qualifications:

The Graduate school & Overseas education college plans to recruit 20 qualified post-doctorate research assistants for academic support. The applicants must be overseas Post-doctorate research assistants within our university. Post-doctorate research assistants with less than six months' visa are not eligible for the plan.

Roles and Responsibilities

lAdvise and guide new students concerning the curriculum selection in the "Management information system for postgraduate students."

lProvide academic support for preparing students' thesis proposals, publications, thesis writing, and revision.

lStudents' academic progression monitoring and reviewing by checking results received.

lAdvising students on their progression, depending on the results being received.

lOrganizing and attending meetings with the International education affairs office if student course results show signs of concern, advising and guiding accordingly.

lFollowing up with more detailed meetings and emails where students are consistently performing poorly

lAdvising students on what they are required to complete, how, and when.

lSAS will meet students twice weekly, connecting them with their academic department, identifying difficulties, and ensuring constant support.

Assessment and Payment :

At the end of the month, the Graduate school & Overseas education college will evaluate and rank the team members' work effectiveness through the academic progression of the postgraduate students. Team members rated as excellent and good will receive a reward of RMB 5000, 3000 & 2000 and continue to be hired at the end of the year. Team members rated as unqualified will be fired immediately, and the reward will be according to the amount of workload.

Application process:

The applicant fills in the Application Form Student Academic Support (SAS) for Overseas postgraduate students (Annexure 1) and submits it to 213A International Education affairs officeFor inquiries, contact - Dr Nitin - 88788161of Graduate School before March 29 ( First batch ) & April 7 (Second batch), 2023. The Interview for the first batch selection is scheduled on March 31 (Venue and time will be notified later). The Interview for the second batch of recruits will be announced later.  

Graduate SchoolHuman resources department & Overseas education college- March 232023

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